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I never lose. Either I win. Or I learn.

I recently began reading a book about fixed mindsets and growth mindsets and how these two basic mindsets shape our lives. “The growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts.”

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I firmly believe that part of my fitness journey is far more than physical. Someone with a growth mindset has the talent to convert life’s setbacks into future successes. So, when you have setbacks, how do you deal with them? Do you learn from them or give up? Giving up is easy but we’ll never reach our true potential if we aren’t willing to be vulnerable and fight for it.

Mental health is just as important as my physical health. Want to check out this book? Get it here. It is so thought-provoking and I’d love to chat about it with you.

Book: Mindset – The New Psychology of Success

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Hey there! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. After suffering from chronic illness, chasing a diagnosis for nearly a decade, and almost losing my life in 2020 to my condition, my perspective on life has drastically changed. My biggest regrets in life while facing death in the eyes were not having captured more memories for my children to have, and I wish I would've left a more significant mark on the world. I'm documenting and sharing our highs, lows, and life hacks. I can't wait to connect with you!

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